IDS Hamkaar provides services in the fields of operations and maintenance, training, logistics, and safety and quality to governmental, non-governmental and corporate clients. With our team spread throughout the country, we have unique access to diverse organizations to provide unparalleled service to each entity. Headquartered in Kabul, our company has 100% local connectivity and access to authentic resources through our in-house experts and field staff. Additionally, we focus on building up in-country capabilities in the operating areas, in order to cut out layers which blur insights and operational control and add additional costs for the clients. We employ hundreds of people from across the country; a strong team combining international experts and experienced Afghan nationals.

Central to our company's work is the constant striving towards finding cost-effective solutions for our clients. We achieve continuous improvement and renewal of techniques through combining staff from many areas, professions and walks of life, encouraging a creative synergy which enables them to develop ideas and instruments, and to maintain an open mind and a can-do attitude at all times. IDS Hamkaar has a worldwide network of independent consultants, Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), analysts, academics, think tanks and private sector partners who are recognized as pioneers and leaders in their fields.